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"office statement"
If given the choice between staring blankly into space or reading architect's office statements on their website, we choose the first. They all say the same thing: we are sustainable, responsible with budgets, experienced, award-winning, etc.... The game seems to be how to say nothing particular and comfort any worries of someone contemplating hiring you. After a few clicks, it's hard not to think that all this quote-unquote professionalism is very cold at its core.
We can't tell you exactly when D--D--D started. We would like to say it was 2015-2016, but we did not have office space then and we don't even have a name. So, eventually, we drifted toward D--D--D, an acronym of our names and reflection of a shared desire to be horizontal and fuzzy, as opposed to tall and shiny. We began around a regular table, a surface for collecting, gathering, and working through a range of design experiments - a make-believe of architectural fantasies, problems, and thoughts. No matter how much we have grown, we would still remain around a large table, working together on each project through playful experimentation and serious research. 
We chose Shanghai is purposeful. With Shanghai considered a new global frontier, We enjoy the center of this contemporary chaos. The city’s cultural, urban, and historic contexts function as a point of departure for the architectural explorations involved in every project. Because new sets of contemporary problems relating to buildings now extend beyond traditional architecture, the practical challenges traditional boundaries of architecture to include other complementary disciplines.






我们不能确切地告诉你D--D--D是什么时候开始的。我们想说的是2015-2016年,当时我们没有办公空间,甚至连名字都没有。因此最终,我们把名字转向D--D--D这几个首字母缩略词,它反映出我们想达到平层以及模糊的愿景。我们从一张常规的桌子开始,一个含括了收集,聚合以及一系列设计实验的水平面, 在这上面我们创造了一个个虚构的建筑幻想、问题和想法。在将来无论我们成长了多少,我们依然会在一个大桌子周围,通过好玩的实验和认真的研究,为了每个项目共同努力。



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